We are a community of Gloucester Township residents committed to bringing transparency and honesty back to the people.

We’ve watched our neighbors beg and plead at council meetings to not raise taxes and those sincere requests are too often brushed off by people that don’t represent WHO WE ARE. If you’ve sat though those meetings and felt powerless or overwhelmed, you are not alone.

For years citizens have said someone needs to do something about our out of control tax increases and right now is the time to take action!

Our members are comprised of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents. Although our national political views may differ from one another our views on township spending and transparency are very much alike.

This is a community backed initiative to bring change to our township. For too long we have suffered through tax increases and a lack of transparency from our elected officials. Our opponents have a long political history and deep pockets, so we know this will be a challenging endeavor. Restore GT is not backed by any political organization so the work that we do and the funds required are solely community based.

We need you!

First and foremost, we need people interested in running for township positions. As this is a community backed initiative, we are looking for regular people that want to have a voice in the direction this township takes for the coming years.

If you have no interest in running for a township position, but still want to be a part of the initiative there are other ways you can help.

  • Attend meetings and voice concerns.
  • Greet voters at polling locations.
  • Distribute flyers.
  • Research GT spending.
  • Donate to our candidates.
  • Help us raise money.

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