Attending a Township Council Meeting

First: Check the GT Municipal Clerk website to find the meeting agenda for the upcoming meeting. Minutes are supposed to be posted a few days before the scheduled meeting.

Park in between the Police Station and Veterans Memorial Park. The door to the meeting is to the left of that parking lot.

The address is:

1261 Chews Landing-Clementon Rd.
Gloucester Township, New Jersey 08012

Proceed to the doors labeled Gloucester Township Municipal Building.

During the pandemic you will be greeted in the hall by Gloucester Township Police who will use a temperature sensor on your forehead to make sure you do not have a fever before you enter.

Once you have passed a temperature check you’ll proceed to the right of the lobby to a hallway where you’ll pass through a metal detector. After the metal detector you may proceed straight into the auditorium. Take a seat anywhere you’d like. Currently ever other row of taped off to make sure people maintain safe distance.

There will be public segments where you can ask questions about items on the agenda. After those discussions are complete and sometimes voted on there will be an additional public segment when you can ask general questions not related to the agenda.

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