Council – Joe Allen

Joe Allen grew up right down the road from Gloucester Township in Pine Hill.  He’s a graduate of Camden County Technical School’s Gloucester Township campus where he studied Automotive Technology.  After a few years in the automotive field, Joe made a career change and started working in Information Systems.  Over the last 20 years Joe has worked with investment companies, law firms, retails stores, and small businesses.   As a Systems Engineer, not only does Joe find solutions to problems but he helps companies fulfill their needs through the use of technology.

Joe’s career led him away from NJ in 2006 and into central Pennsylvania.  The move to central Pennsylvania would forever change his views on New Jersey’s government efficiency.  His new town had better roads, good schools at a third of the cost in property taxes.  After spending 10 years away, Joe would move back to New Jersey and into Gloucester Township to be close to the rest of his family.  In 2018 it became evident that GT was on a path to tax residents right out of town.

Joe is running for council because he knows that sitting in the audience isn’t going to change anything.  What he’s witnessed in tax increases, council seat changes, school board meetings, and questionable land sales made him very aware that the only way to change it would be from the inside.  Joe has no political experience but knows voting YES to everything brought before council isn’t serving the community.  He plans to take an analytical approach to everything, ask questions and listen to the community as an elected member of council should.  Outside of just being a responsible and transparent council member, Joe has worked as part of the team that developed the RestoreGT Platform.

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