Council – Shaylynn Lattie

Shaylynn Lattie has been a resident of Gloucester Township since July 2015. She and her family enjoy the easy-going, family environment that GT provides.


Shaylynn is running for council because though she believes GT is a great place to live, she would like to see improvements in the current policies and practices of GT. She hopes to bring to council a fresh objective outlook to the operations of council. She hopes to be transparent and open to feedback from the residents of the township about issues that matter to them. She will not vote in favor of bills or policies that she does not support in an effort to gain popularity within the current political climate of  GT. 


Shaylynn is coming to GT with experience in Risk Management, program development, quality assurance, internal auditing, and grant writing. She has training experience that has helped her to develop a keen sensitivity to the many complex issues, which confront stakeholders daily.  Shaylynn brings an upbeat and positive attitude to any group dynamic and is proficient in fostering a strong team environment. Restoring GT will take a team effort and she is committed to ensuring that the residents of GT are a part of the team that brings about much-needed change.



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