GT Capital Budgets

2015 Capital Budget

 ProjectConstruction/AcquisitionEngineering DesignEngineering InspectionTotal Cost
A.Sidewalks and/or Curb Projects
1)Various Sidewalks and Curbs150000
B.Street Improvements
1)Grant Drive & Court350000230031700384000
2)Cressmont Ave314000230024700341000
3)West Batten Ave110000280011200124000
4)Olive & Heather Place & Winding Way2810002700025000333000
5)Loch Lomond and Thistleton2460003900027000312000
6)Eaton Place117000135009500140000
7)Kennedy Blvd1850002400016000225000
8)Sterling Street830009000700099000
9)Kingswood Place3000030000
10)Stoney Brook3000030000
11)Kelly Driver Road65006500
12)Bicycle Trail Head Improvements76483790474016178
13)Wayfinding and Development Plan1600016000
14)Drexel Ave150000150000
C.Drainage Improvements
1)Broadacres Drive Culvert (NJEIT)45000011750034900602400
2)461 Hampton Lane Headwall (NJEIT)243200534566500303156
3)Danbury Development Basin (NJEIT)210000753009500294800
1)Storage Shed & Shelving Recreation Center70007000
2)Various Pool Equipment1200012000
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting
1)Street Lighting1500015000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements
1)Replace Municipal Building Roof170000170000
2)Various Municipal Building Improvements100000100000
3)Emergency Generators Municipal Building (TWO)150000150000
4)Parking Lot Drainage Replacement Municipal Bldg.200000200000
5)Academy Hall Upgrades3500035000
6)Erial School Upgrades90009000
7)Public Works Building roof Recoat2000020000
8)Library Roof Recoat2500025000
9)Library Bathroom Renovations60006000
10)Recreation Building Upgrades1000010000
11)Community Park Bathroom Upgrades1200012000
12)Interlante Building HVAC1800018000
13)Randy Road Ballfield Building Renovations6000060000
G.Public Works Streets Equipment & Vehicles
1)One (1) 25 Yard Leaf Machine4500045000
2)One (1) Brake Lathe for Garage1000010000
3)One (1) 2015 Cargo Van (CNG)5500055000
4)Two (2) F-250 Pickup Trucks with plow option9200092000
5)One (1) 3 Yard Dump Truck with plow & spreader9200092000
6)Air Compressor - Public Works Garage3300033000
7)Replace Plow - Truck #254005400
8)One (1) 20 yard Packer Recycling Truck165000165000
9)One (1) Pressure Washer54005400
10)One (1) 32 Passenger Bus150000150000
11)One (1) 9 Yard Dump Truck with Asphalt & Plow161700161700
12)One (1) 4 Foot Roller with Trailer6000060000
13)One (1) 4 Foot Miller2611026110
14)One (1) Track Machine6300063000
15)One (1) Open Tilt Trailer2050020500
16)Two (2) Trailers2200022000
17)One (1) Stormwater/Sewer Camera100000100000
H.Miscellaneous Improvements
1)DEP Required Improvements to Compost Facility3500035000
2)TCDI Grant Township Match1600016000
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance
1)Two (2) Mowers3200032000
2)Six (6) Weed Wackers15001500
3)Two (2) Blowers750750
4)Four (4) Chainsaws910910
5)Ten (10) Benches with Trash & Recycling Receptacles1650016500
6)One (1) 12'x16' shed (GTCP45004500
7)Four (4) Portable Tower Lights3390033900
8)Fencing - Lakeland25002500
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment
1)Edmunds HR Software8000080000
2)Miscellaneous Equipment & Computers4000040000
K.Police Department Equipment
1)Ten (10) AWD Police Pursuit Rated Vehicles270000270000
2)Equipment for Ten (10) Police Vehicles195000195000
3)Twenty Seven (27) Police Mobile Radios for Marked Units146370146370
4) Shared Service Reporting and Intelligence System (yr. 2 of 3)196500196500
5)SORNA Registration System3273532735
6)Automated License Plate Reader Speed Trailer3995039950
7)Desktop Computers1600016000
8)Diagnostics Crash Date, Retrieval Program900900
9)Stalker dual antenna Radar Units60006000
10)Mobile Radios for Non-Marked Units3850038500
11)Crime Center Initiative2400024000
12)Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector800800
13)Three (3) Tasers63006300
14)One (1) Projector and Screen25002500
15)Five (5) Mobile Data Terminals2000020000
16)Mobile VMS Display Sign54005400
17)Traffic Safety Cones & Equipment12001200
18)Upgrades to Municipal Bldg. & Range Camera System80008000
19)Remote Security Camera Trailer3300033000
20)Upgrades to Remote Camera Trailer1200012000
21)Traffic Safety Trailer20002000
22)Five (5) Workstations70007000
23)One (1) Digital Camera400400
A.Sidewalks and/or Curbs12750022500150000
B.Street Improvements17761481236901568402056678
C.Drainage Improvements2015 NJEIT Program2015 NJEIT Program
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting1500015000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements815000815000
G.Public Works - Streets Equipment & Vehicles11061101106110
H.Miscellaneous Improvements350001600051000
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance9256092560
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment120000120000
K.Police department Equipment10645551064555
Total Project Cost5489903
Legal & Accounting (2%)110000
Interest (3%)193000
(Less) Capital Improvement Fund275853
Grand Total5517050

2016 Capital Budget

ProjectConstruction/AcquisitionEngineering DesignEngineering InspectionTotal Cost
A.Sidewalks and/or Curb Projects
1)Various Sidewalks and Curbs150000150000
B.Street Improvements
1)Dittess Lane (Kings Gate)2020002020016900239100
2)Stoney Bridge (Glen Oaks)1930002300019000235000
3)Cressment (Blackwood Estates)1250001500012500152500
4)Roberts Drive & Courts (Broadmoor)3340004050033500408000
5)Laguna Road & Pasadena Intersection1790001800015000212000
6)East Blenheim Avenue2100002500021000256000
7)Drexel Avenue1260001260010500149100
8)Winding Way1200001440012000146400
9)Royal Place338004000340041200
10)Willow Place507006000500061700
11)Beachwood Place468005700470057200
12)Johnson Road (design)8230082300
13)Bike Path Phase X (design)1790017900
14)Municipal Parking Lot250000250000
15)Country Aired (Dunlin Way/Brail Creek Circle)146625750018000172125
C.Drainage Improvements
1)Lincoln Drive Piping & Headwall2314463507014500281016
2)Spring Hill Piping & Headwall1967133437013500244583
3)Edgewater Court Storm water Improvements2478783607017600301548
4)Block 9801 Lot 1 Piping and Headwall1753673247012500220337
5)Pasadena Drive Piping & Headwall1310703157012000174640
6)Washington Avenue Piping & Headwall1492793117012500192949
1)Turf Fields600000600000
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting
1)Street Lighting1500015000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements
1)Various Building Improvements7500075000
2)HVAC Unit Municipal Building7000070000
3)public Works Building Recoat Roof1200012000
4)Old Public Works Building Heaters2000020000
5)Public Works Replace Fuel Tank Lids & Deck2200022000
6)Public Works Replace Fire Alarm System2000020000
7)Replace Boiler burners (PW)4000040000
8)Library - Recoat Roof1000010000
9)Recreation Center - Paint Exterior4000040000
10)Black Horse Pike Colonial Light Fixtures5000050000
11)Community Development Remodel - Ken L.2000020000
G.Public Works Streets Equipment & Vehicles
1)Two (2) 3yd Dump Trucks w/ Ploy & Spreaders197000197000
2)Tow (2) 4 in 1 Clam Buckets for Case Backhoes2000020000
3)One (1) 4 in 1 Bucket for Holland Backhoe1500015000
4)One (1) Root Take for Holland Backhoe70007000
5)One (1) Utility Yard Vehicle1000010000
6)One (1) Pickup Truck with Plow & Spreaders4600046000
7)One (1) 20 yd. Packer165000165000
8)One (1) Utility Body Truck with Plow6300063000
9)One (1) Leaf machine Engine1700017000
10)One (1) 14 yd. Leaf Vacuum Machine5300053000
11)Vehicle GPS System (GTMUA)1000010000
H.Miscellaneous Improvements
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment
1)Community Development1000010000
2)Miscellaneous Equipment & Computers3000030000
K.Police Department Equipment
1)Police Vehicles - Replacements310000310000
2)Equipment for Replacement Vehicles127483127483
3)Police Radio Replacements1744017440
4) Share Service Reporting System - Year 3 of 3196500196500
5)Police Mobile Radios8810088100
6)Ballistics Panels for Interceptors3500035000
7)Vehicle - Design Wraps1500015000
8)New Patrol Bicycles - Six and Equipment1350013500
9)Body Cameras165000165000
10)Replacement Mobile MT1000010000
11)Replacement Computers1200012000
12)Electronic Control Devises _ Tasers1000010000
13)Community Relations Unit Upgrades4400044000
14)Portable Tablets for Code Enforcement18001800
15)Trail Mounted Licensed Plate Reader3400034000
16)Traffic Safety Cones and Equipment21002100
17)Traffic Radar Upgrades and Replacements1000010000
18)Video Conferencing Capability2500025000
19)CRB Display Upgrades35003500
20)CIU Office Space Problem Solving30003000
21)Crash Diagramming Laser76267626
22)Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System900900
23)Portable Lighting/Incident Management Storm Needs1800018000
24)Replacement Patrol Rifles48004800
25)Blackhawk Entry =Tool Kit38403840
26)Watch Desk Upgrades - Ballistic Glass1500015000
27)One (1) Communication Vehicle390000390000
A.Sidewalks and/or Curbs150000150000
B.Street Improvements20169252921001715002480525
C.Drainage Improvements1131753200720826001415073
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting1500015000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements429000429000
G.Public Works - Streets Equipment & Vehicles603000603000
H.Miscellaneous Improvements
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment4000040000
K.Police department Equipment15635891563589
Total Project Cost7296187
Legal & Accounting (2%)145923.74
Interest (3%)255366.55
(Less) NJEIT Projects-1415073
(Less) Capital Improvement Fund299162.11
Grand Total7996639.39

2017 Capital Budget

 ProjectConstruction/AcquisitionEngineering DesignEngineering InspectionTotal Cost 
A.Sidewalks and/or Curb Projects
1)Various Sidewalks and Curbs150000150000
B.Street Improvements
1)Cherrywood Drive2330002700023000283000
2)Edgewood Place1730001750014500205000
3)Broadacres Drive1690001700014000200000
4)Orchard Avenue3450004300035000423000
5)Millbridge Road3090003700032000378000
6)10th Avenue1900001900016000225000
7)Prospect Place8850090007500105000
8)43 Lincoln Drive780008500750094000
9)Winding Way/Beechwood Place/Manor Place3080003700030000375000
10)Hampshire Road (Brittany Woods)94000700017000118000
11)Stone Bridge Development (phase 1)80000570014600100300
12)TAP Grant Supplemental Funds for Grant050000050000
13)Johnson Road Repaving07060070600
C.Drainage Improvements
1)Argyl Ave. Storm water Piping Replacement1587183812315500212341
2)Sturbridge Drive Storm water Piping Replacement1805164196717250239733
3)Melvin Avenue Storm water Piping Replacement90120210108600119730
1)Playground Structure - Brittany woods5000050000
2)Playground Structure - State Street Park5000050000
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting
1)Street Lighting1500015000
2)Traffic Signal Kearsley Rd. / Cross Keys RdCounty Funding5000050000
3)Left Turn Lane Sicklerville Rd/Mullen DriveCounty Funding2000020000
4)Church Street - Flashing Pedestrian Signal304001240042800
F.Public Works - Building Improvements
1)Building Improvements200000200000
3)Recreation Center Roof7500075000
4)Community Park - Bathroom Floor75007500
5)LED Lights Municipal Parking Lot3500035000
6)Wireless Security Upgrade (Academy Hall & Tavern)2000020000
7)Vet Park Bathrooms115000115000
8)PAP Interior Painting75007500
9)Vision Center Roof3500035000
10)Fuel Pumps (New Computer System)6000060000
11)Recreation Center Interior Paint1000010000
12)Front Office Renovations (Ken)1000010000
13)Old PW Building repairs200000200000
G.Public Works Streets Equipment & Vehicles
1)Snap-On 3000 AMP Cranking Kart54005400
2)Two (2) 3yd Dump Trucks w/ Plow & Spreaders200000200000
3)One 25 yd. Leaf Vacuum Machine5700057000
4)One Rear Broom Sweeper182500182500
5)2001 Maintainer sent out for repairs2500025000
6)One Replacement Engine for Leaf Machine3400034000
7)Recycling Truck (GTMUA)275000275000
8)Loader (GTMUA)250000250000
9)Various Hand Tools30003000
10)Portable Screener1400014000
11)Sweeper Pick Up Broom70007000
H.Miscellaneous Improvements
1)Blackwood Lake Dam62506250
2)Site Maintenance _ Compost Facility1000010000
3)Bus Shelters5000050000
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance
1)20 Foot Enclosed Trailers (3)3900039000
2)72 inch Mowers (2)3100031000
3)Rotary Tiller (1)75007500
4)Root Rake (1)50005000
5)Chainsaws (3)27002700
6)Weedwackers (6) Blowers (2)24002400
7)Cart Turf Fields / Snow Plowing (1)2500025000
8)Tilt Trailer (1)80008000
9)Fencing - Various Parks3850038500
10)Repave and Stripe Broadmoor West Tennis court2090020900
11)Paver Wall (GTCP)3000030000
12)Repave and Stripe Broadmoor Tennis Court2090020900
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment
1)Miscellaneous Equipment & Computers3000030000
2)Label Writer/Printer (PW)300300
3)Adjustable Plan review Tables (3) (Ken)54005400
4)Vertical Storage Rocks (3) (Ken)30003000
5)Single Open Shelving (Ken)56005600
6)HP Laser Jet 2200 DT (Ken)15001500
7)Printer (Ken)15001500
K.Police Department Equipment
1)Police Vehicles - Replacements275000275000
2)Equipment for Replacement Vehicles192200192200
3)Police Vehicle Mobile date Terminals4400044000
4) Police Radio Portable Replacements1600016000
5)Police Mobile Radios2905029050
6)Apple Mac Computers System and Related Software27502750
7)Vehicle Design/Vehicle Wraps30003000
8)Motorized Target System for Range2400024000
9)Body Cameras126553126553
10)Training Equipment50005000
11)Police Vehicle Modem Replacement1750017500
12)Replacement Desktop Computers & Printer1000010000
13)Digital Camera for Community Relations850850
14)Police Records-Reconfigure/Replace Records Window40004000
15)Fixed APR (Automated License Plate Reader)3150031500
16)GPS Enables Crime Decoys2000020000
17)Traffic Safety Cones & Equipment21002100
18)Traffic Radar Upgrades & Replacements (5 Units)50005000
19)Mobile VMS Display Sign (2 Units)90809080
20)CRB Display Upgrades35003500
21)Predictive Policing Software5100051000
22)CIU Intelligence Station Processing Area71007100
23)Bosch Diagnostics crash Data Retrieval Program10001000
24)K-9 Trailer Training Area Improvements25002500
25)Patrol Rifles (8 Total)60006000
26)Radio Headsets with Ballistic Helmet and Ear Protection3400034000
27)Community Relations Passenger Van2950029500
28)Equipment - Community Relations Passenger Van35003500
29)K-9 Behavior Shaping Device800800
30)Firearms Simulator Replacement2350023500
31)Duty Handguns51005100
A.Sidewalks and/or Curbs1500000150000
B.Street Improvements20675003483002111002626900
C.Drainage Improvements4508217778040600569201Numbers not brought down properly on budget
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting4540082400127800
F.Public Works - Building Improvements8750000875000
G.Public Works - Streets Equipment & Vehicles105290001052900
H.Miscellaneous Improvements600000625066250
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance2309000230900
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment47300047300
K.Police department Equipment9850830985083
Total Project Cost6831334
Legal & Accounting (2%)134630
Interest (3.5%)235600
(Less) NJEIT Projects-569201
(Less) Capital Improvement Fund315728Number was not subtracted on budget
Grand Total6948091

2018 Capital Budget

 ProjectConstruction/AcquisitionEngineering DesignEngineering InspectionTotal Cost 
A.Sidewalks and/or Curb Projects
1)Various Sidewalks and Curbs150000150000
2)Chews Landing Road project (Curb, Sidewalk, Retaining Wall between Gravers Ln & Taylor Ave.100000100000
B.Street Improvements
1)Hillcrest Lane (300 Block & Princess Street)1500001800015000183000
2)Fourth Ave (BHP to Floodgate Road)4160005000042000508000
3)Sturbridge Drive (Danbury Drive to end)1350001600014000165000
4)Cherrywood Phase 7 (Coventry Place & Kingswood Place)2400002900024000293000
5)Coles Road (BHP to Route 42)2300003900023000292000
6)Millbridge Road (Entrance to circle at Candlestick Rd)2100021000
7)Ridge Avenue (Station Ave to Front St)5300053000
8)Jaeger Court (Terrestria)1760017600
9)Drexel Avenue (Estelle Street to BHP)3100031000
10)Johnson Road (Honeysuckle Drive to Cross Keys Road)7500075000
11)Sturbridge Drive (Peachtree Lane to 400' before Windsor Dr)4800048000
12)Sanora Court (Terrestria)1580015800
13)Cressmont Avenue (High Street to BHP)2260022600
14)Mystic road1330013300
15)Danbury Drive (Erial-Clementon Road to Sturbridge Drive)1450014500
16)Various Road Paving8000080000
C.Drainage Improvements
1)MS4 Permit Renewal (Phase 1)7400074000
1)Eye Wash Station for pool (mounted and portable)15001500
2)New Tables for Rec Center (Long & round)50005000
3)New Canopy for Pool2200022000
4)Scoreboard for GT Baseball - Lakeland1500015000
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting
1)Street Lighting1500015000
2)Traffic Lights125000125000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements
1)Various Building Improvements100000100000
3)Point Ariel - New Floor - NJ State Code Pre-School3900039000
4)Fuel Pumps Roof7500075000
5)PD Chiller Units4000040000
6)Town Hall- New Roof2500025000
8)Scoreboard - Lakeland Football2500025000
9)Bathrooms - TBAA4000040000
10)Bathrooms - June Dr. Ballfield2500025000
11)New Building - Gun Range150000150000
12)New Gutters - Rec Center4000040000
13)1 Generator _ PW (Both Buildings: Phase 1 of 3)100000100000
14)Access Control System Police Dept.5000050000
15)1 Generator - PD (can't get parts anymore)6000060000
G.Public Works Streets Equipment & Vehicles
1)Two (2) Small 3 yard dump trucks w/ plows & spreaders200000200000
2)One (1) 5 yard front end loader250000250000
3)hook lift attachment for truck #595300053000
4)PW shop Hydraulic Press60006000
5)25 yard leaf Machine5800058000
6)Trench Boxes (Safety item for working in trenches)2000020000
7)Gas Powered Wheelbarrow1100011000
8)Diamond Blades and Miscellaneous Tools (Cutting asphalt & concrete)1000010000
9)Recycling truck (GTMUA)275000275000
H.Miscellaneous Improvements
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance
1)Two (2) enclosed trailers with lettering3900039000
2)Two (2) 72" mowers3500035000
3)One (1) 96" mower4500045000
4)Six (6) weed sackers/ Two (2) blowers35003500
5)Six (6) sets of bleachers1500015000
6)Tot Lots with Rubber Surface - Wye Oak170000170000
7)Tot Lots with Rubber Surface - Cobblestone140000140000
8)Various Paver Projects4000040000
9)Various Fencing Projects4000040000
10)Gun Range Asphalt project2500025000
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment
1)Public Works Office Sheet fed scanner for Purchase Orders500500
2)Miscellaneous Equipment/Computers - Community Development3800038000
3)Municipal Court Desk Top Scanner10001000
4)Filing Cabinets - Finance & Clerks Office1000010000
5)Copy Machines - Finance Office1500015000
K.Police Department Equipment
1)Police Vehicles - Replace police Vehicles (8)223200223200
2)Equipment for Replacement Police Vehicles150400150400
3)Police Vehicles - Replacement-Watch Commander Pursuit Rated Tahoes (2)8500085000
4) Equipment - Watch Commander pursuit Rated Tahoes94009400
5)Police Vehicles - Rapid Response Safety Vehicles (2)8500085000
6)Equipment - Rapid Response Safety Vehicles3100031000
7)Police Vehicle Mobile Data Terminals (14)7067370673
8)MDT Modem - second year payment5366253662
9)Police Radio Portable Replacements (10)3705037050
10)Police Mobile Radios (2)83008300
11)Vehicle Design/Vehicle Wraps30003000
12)Body Cameras - payment 2 of 5126553126553
13)Training Equipment Needs40004000
14)Replacement Desktop Computers & Printer1200012000
15)Next Generation 911 Phase 1 of 56400064000
16)Fixed ALPR (Automated License Plate Rader) (1)3150031500
17)Traffic Safety Cones and Equipment18001800
18)Traffic Radar Upgrades and Replacements40004000
19)Police Communications/Dispatch Radio Console Replacement6200062000
20)CRB Display Upgrades50005000
21)Range house Finishing62506250
22)Camera System Replacement/Upgrade at Range1500015000
23)Pistol Range Addition, Additional Lighting, Building Repairs50005000
24)Taser Devices60006000
25)Simmunition Equipment and Supplies1920019200
26)Patrol Rifles (5) 70007000
27)Concealed Threat Cameras (2)3500035000
28)Duty Handguns (5)39003900
29)Crime Scene and Property Evidence Printer (4)10001000
A.Sidewalks and/or Curbs2500000250000
B.Street Improvements12510004638001180001832800
C.Drainage Improvements7400074000
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting1400000140000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements8690000869000
G.Public Works - Streets Equipment & Vehicles8830000883000
H.Miscellaneous Improvements00
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance5525000552500
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment64500064500
K.Police department Equipment116588801165888
Total Project Cost5875188
Legal & Accounting (2%)117504
Interest (3.5%)205632
(Less) NJEIT Projects
(Less) Capital Improvement Fund-295158
Grand Total5903165

2019 Capital Budget

 ProjectConstruction/AcquisitionEngineering DesignEngineering InspectionTotal Cost 
A.Sidewalks and/or Curb Projects
1)Various Sidewalks and Curbs150000150000
2)Harmon Drive175000175000
B.Street Improvements
1)Ridge Ave (Station Ave to Front Street)16000016000176000
2)Drexel Ave (Estell St to Black Horse Pk)20200020000222000
3)Sturbridge Dr (Peach Tree Ln to Windor Dr)18900018900207900
4)Cressmont Ave (High St to Black Horse Pk)15300015000168000
5)Mystic Road81000800089000
6)Danbury Dr (Erial-Clemton Rd to Sturbridge Dr)12050012000132500
7)Fifth Ave (Black Horse Pk to Floodgate Rd)3850038500
8)Beryl Ct & Beryl Ln (Albert Rd to end)1500015000
9)West Railroad Ave (Church St to Central Ave)1750017500
10)Taylor Ave (Old Black Horse Pk to King St)1100011000
11)Broadacres Dr (Cherrywood Dr to College Dr)3300033000
12)Cherrywood Phase 8 ( Bryant Pl to Brentwood PL)3500004200035000427000
13)Berkshire Rd & Wiltshire Rd98400700018000123400
14)Jeager Ct & Sonora Ct500003500800061500
15)Miscellaneous Paving8000080000
16)Miscellaneous Drainage8000080000
17)Redevelopment Studies100000100000
18)Dory Court96000115009500117000
Total17599001790001604002099300Budget says $1,882, 300.00 for total
C.Drainage Improvements(NJEIT Projects)
1)Miscellaneous Drainage10000001000000Separate Bond Ordinance funded through NJEIT
1)Tables for pool25002500
2)Backboards/Rims (Rec Center)50005000
3)Bathroom at Valleybrook Complex2500025000
4)Resurface (2) Hockey Rinks - Lakeland110000110000
5)New Computers/Office Equipment1000010000
6)Two (2) Office Desks (Rec Center)12001200
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting
1)Street Lighting1500015000
2)Traffic Signals125000125000
3)College Dr. & Peter Cheeseman Rd705001700087500
4)Berlin Cross Keys Rd & Kearsley Rd150000150000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements
1)Building Improvements200000200000
2)Town Hall roof - recoat hall side (25 holes currently in existing roof)2500025000
3)Security - Hall/Police Cameras - Phase #15000050000
4)Generator - Public Works Phase #2100000100000
5)HVAC - upgrade several buildings: Rec, Pt. Erial, Community Park, Tavern5000050000
6)Gun Range - Interior7500075000
7)Public Works Alarm System3000030000
8)Panic buttons in four (4) buildings2500025000
9)Phase #1 New Fuel Tanks - (4yrs out of warranty $800,000 est. above ground tanks200000200000
10)Wye Oak Sprinkler System2500025000
11)Lakeland Football/Baseball paint buildings3000030000
12)Gabriel Davies Tavern - Paint and cap window sills2500025000
G.Public Works Streets Equipment & Vehicles
1)Two (2) 3yd Dump Trucks w/ Plow and Spreaders220000220000
2)One (1) 20 yd. Dump Body w/ lift gate195000195000
3)One (1) 7 yd. Dump w/ plow175000175000
4)CAT Loader Repairs2500025000
5)High Cub Walkin Van6500065000
6)New Holland 20ft Boom Maintainer145000145000
7)Two (2) Light Towers1000010000
8)Two (2) Pick ups for Public Works @ $30,145 each6029060290
9)Equipment scanner50005000
10)Lift Gates for Pick Ups0
A. aluminum #10845004500
B. Steel #635003500
11)Skid Steer (KB)7000070000
12)Excavator (KB)7300073000
13)Two (2) Sign Trailers (KB)3900039000
14)Recycle Carts (GTMUA)6400064000
Site Maintenance Compliance (GTMUA)2000020000
H.Miscellaneous Improvements
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance
1)Harley Rake90009000
2)Various Fence Projects5000050000
3)Two (2) 72" Mowers and One 60" rear discharge4500045000
4)Six (6) Weed Whips19001900
5)Four (4) Blowers16001600
6)Four (4) Hedge Trimmers30003000
7)Hydro Seeder1900019000
8)Paver Projects5000050000
9)Asphalt Projects8000080000
10)Red Top Shed4000040000
11)Three (3) Pole Saws30003000
12)Spreader (for cork) 80008000
13)Fountain at Hider Lane90009000
14)Tot Lot w/ rubber surface Woodshire130000130000
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment
1)Two (2) Lexmark MS810dn printers for functional equivalent _ Community Development50005000
2)Large Document Map Files _ Community Development50005000
3)Miscellaneous - Equipment5000050000
K.Police Department Equipment
1)Cars & Equipment - 10 Police Interceptors360000360000
2)Equipment for Police Interceptors - striping, etc.7322573225
3)Axon Taser Purchase year 4 of 5141000141000
4) Dispatch Upgrade Payment Year 2 of 56400064000
5)Patrol Unit Mobile Device Phone Bank Charger and Cases50005000
6)Fixed Licensed Plate Reader System3150031500
7)Traffic Safety Message Board w. License Plate Reader System3580035800
8)Portable Radios for Officers - 5 Radios1520015200
9)Mobile radio for Patrol Cars40504050
10)Replaceable Mobile Data Terminals w/ Detachable Tablet - 104800048000
11)Equipment for Training2000020000
12)Computer Replacements1000010000
13)Replacement Patrol Rifles - 51060010600
14)Replacement Duty Pistols - 633003300
15)Replacement Weapons Magazines24002400
16)Additional Tasers - 82464024640
17)Replacement Vision System for Patrol Rifles2200022000
18)Mobile Remote Camera3200032000
19)Customer Service Kiosk and Operating Platform1500015000
20)Utility Vehicle Purchase and Rehab1500015000
21)Server Replacement - RMS1000010000
22)Enhanced Protection Speed Plate for Body Armor1090010900
23)Traffic Safety Cones and Equipment22002200
24)Traffic Radar Recorder Kit35003500
25)Handheld Radar Traffic Unit - 250005000
26)Freezers - Crime Scene Storage - 215001500
27)Roadway Vehicle Ramming Attached Barricades4600046000
28)Armored Rescue Vehicle Pull Kit Attachment32003200
29)Handheld Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras - 1080008000
30)Crisis Rescue Phone3150031500
31)Marksman Replacement Rifles and Scopes49004900
32)GPS Enabled Crime Decoys50005000
33)Night Vision Binoculars10001000
34)Evidence Storage Box60006000
35)CRB Vehicle Replacement 0 F150 and Equipment4430044300
36)CRB Display Upgrades30003000
37)Surface Pro Portable Laptops for CRB32003200
38)Digital HD Video Camera15001500
39)Noise Meter Kit - 329252925
40)OEM Hazmat Air Bottles61006100
41)Unmanned Law Enforcement Responder Aerial Camera3580035800
42)Gun Range Training Facility Improvement5000050000
A.Sidewalks and/or Curbs3250000325000
B.Street Improvements17599001790001604002099300
C.Drainage Improvements10000001000000
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting360500017000377500
F.Public Works - Building Improvements8350000835000
G.Public Works - Streets Equipment & Vehicles117429001174290
H.Miscellaneous Improvements000
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance4495000449500
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment600000060000
K.Police department Equipment121824001218240
73361301790001774007692530Number on Capital Budget is incorrect
Total Project Cost7692530
Legal & Accounting (2%)153850.6
Interest (3.5%)269238.55
(Less) NJEIT Projects-1000000
(Less) Capital Improvement Fund-338839.01
Grand Total6776780.14

2021 Capital Budget

 ProjectConstruction/AcquisitionEngineering DesignEngineering InspectionTotal Cost 
A.Sidewalks and/or Curb Projects
1)Jarvis Road sidewalk (county project ssa)284887284887
2)Miscellaneous sidewalks100000100000
B.Street Improvements
1)Beryl Ct & Beryl Ln (Albert Rd to end)12200012500134500
2)Sherwood Terace (Beryl Lane to end)70000700077000
3)West Railroad Ave (Church St to Central Ave)14700015000162000
4)Taylor Ave (Old Black Horse Pk to King St)90000900099000
5)Broadacres Dr (Cherrywood Dr to College Dr)27600027500303500
6)Dori Court (Williamstown Erial Rd to end960009500105500
7)Peter Cheeseman (Fox Meadow to Garwood)2900029000
8)Highland Ave (Line St. to Morgan St.)1850018500
9)South Otterbranch Drive & Courts (including Eastwood)2450024500
10)13th Avenue (BHP to St. Mark Drive)1650016500
11)Kearsley Road (St. Moritz to Wesley Drive)2650026500
12)Cherrywood Phase 9 ( Acorn Place, Wlliamsburg Place & Winding Place)3500004200035000427000
13)Maryland Drive415003000750052000
14)Edinshire, Brookshire & Yorkshire Rd1660001200030000208000
15)Various Asphalt Projects (K. Bucceroni)100000100000
C.Drainage Improvements
1)Various Drainage Projects120000120000
1)Bar Code Scanners/2 laptops (pool)40004000
3)Blinds Rec Center - Preschool Windows50005000
4)AV Equipment for Rec Bldg and Pt. Erial30003000
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting
1)Rewire Intersection & Cameras (Kelly Driver/Blackwood-Clem Rd)7500075000
2)Miscellaneous Street Lights1500015000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements
1)Phase #1 Municipal Hall Shingles100000100000
2)Building imporvements (Miscellaneous) Library doors100000100000
3)HVAC Improvements - Interlante, Old PW, Hickstown Pk100000100000
4)Security Cameras5000050000
5)Public Works Building Phase #3 Generator150000150000
6)Phase #2 New Gas Tanks200000200000
7)New PW bldg inside building1000010000
8)New Boilers PW (not working presently)300000300000
9)Academy Hall Phase #2 window replacement5000050000
10)Patch Holes Police Dept Roof3000030000
11)Cameras - Lakeland Baseball80008000
12)Renovate five (5) Offices - Police Dept7500075000
13)HVAC - Jace Upgrade3500035000
14)PW Garage - electric panel for truck block heaters4500045000
15)Renovations to old PW Building - stabalize building200000200000
16)Glendora Rescue Squad Renovations - HVAC, new roof, floor150000150000
G.Public Works Streets Equipment & Vehicles
2)Band Saw60006000
3)ALC Machine1500015000
4)One (1) 7 yard Dump Truck (replace #43)177500177500
5)Two (2) Pick-up Trucks w/ plow8400084000
6)One (1) Pick-up truck w/ plow (MUA)4200042000
7)One (1) Backhoe120000120000
8)One (1) 25 yard Leaf Machine9400094000
9)One (1) 30 yard Dump Truck (MUA)194500194500
10)One 3 yard Dump Truck w/ plow112000112000
11)One (1) 20 Yard Container for chipper1200012000
12)One (1) Recycling Truck (315,000 each)315000315000
13)Crash Trailer2600026000
14)Lift Repairs80008000
15)Truck Lift6000060000
16)Two (2) Cargo Vans (24,000 each)4800048000
17)Engine Lift Table for Police cars55005500
18)tow Behind Concrete Mixer (9cu.ft)36003600
19)Milling Attachment 30"2400024000
20)Small Plate Tamper20002000
21)Water Tank for Miller10001000
22)Assorted Tools50005000
23)Recycling Toters3200032000
H.Miscellaneous Improvements
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance
1)Two (2) Ex Mark Mowers (19,000 each)3800038000
2)One (1) 60" Drop Mower1200012000
3)One (1) enclosed trailer1500015000
4)Various Paver Projects5000050000
5)Various Fence Projects5000050000
6)Six (6) Weed Whip14001400
7)Four (4) Blowers17001700
8)Trench Digger (Dingo TX 1000)3500035000
9)Dirt Roller9000090000
10)Three (3) Hedge Trimmers17001700
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment
1)Various Office Equipment7500075000
K.Police Department Equipment
1)Police Vehicles Replacement Patril (10 marked Ford SUV)370000370000
2)Equipment for 10 Ford SUV Explorer188000188000
3)Police Vehicles replacement 2 WC vehicles and 1 staff (3 tahoe)129000129000
4) Police Vehicles - WC Tahoes & Staff Tahoe equipment and finishing3000030000
5)Police Vehicle Mobile Data Terminal - MDT (12 total)4434044340
6)Vehicle Build Supplies (Wires, Connectors, Etc)30003000
7)Crime Scene Unit Vehicle - Replace 2011 Van6900069000
8)Communications Center Next Gen 911 Upgrad, repair, replace6400064000
9)Replace Desk work Computers (15 requested)2400024000
10)Handgun Sig P320 Replacement & Accessories169000169000
11)Portable Camera replacement for MCC1350013500
12)Axon BWC Payment - received body camera274860274860
13)ARV Maintenance - Undercoat and exterior60006000
14)SRT Van repairs1150011500
15)TSU - Handheld Radar (2)55005500
16)IB Work Tablets (2) and protective case29352935
17)IB Portable SSB stgorage Drive (12) for detectives16001600
18)IB Night Vision Binoculars20002000
19)TSU - Digital Camera fore SCIT (2)20002000
20)TSU - Traffic Cone Replacement25002500
21)CSPU - Latent Print Dusting Station - CSPU35003500
22)New Server for ALPR and software. We host 12 agencies4000040000
23)eTicket Printers - replacements1400014000
24)Guardian Tracking Program - 188 user licenses69006900
25)NJSACOP Le and PSAP Accreditation Sonsulting4890048900
26)Police Bicycles (2) Re[placemnt Gear and Stickering40004000
A.Sidewalks and/or Curbs3848870384887
B.Street Improvements14585001720001530001783500
C.Drainage Improvements120000120000
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting900000090000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements160300001603000
G.Public Works - Streets Equipment & Vehicles149410001494100
H.Miscellaneous Improvements000
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance294800294800
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment750000075000
K.Police department Equipment153003501530035
Total Project Cost7389822
Legal & Accounting (2%)153850.6
Interest (3.5%)269238.55
(Less) NJEIT Projects-1000000
(Less) Capital Improvement Fund-338839.01
Grand Total6776780.14

2022 Capital Budget

 ProjectConstruction/AcquisitionEngineering DesignEngineering InspectionTotal Cost 
A.Sidewalks and/or Curb Projects
1)Miscellanceous Curbs & Sidewalks158000158000
B.Street Improvements
1)5th Ave (Black Horse Pike sto Floodgate Road)515000Completed51500566500
2)Peter Cheeseman Road (Fox Meadow to Garwood)225000Completed22500247500
3)Highland Avenue (Line Street to morgan Street)130000Completed13000143000
4)South Otterbranch Drive (and courts) (including eastwood)300000Completed30000330000
5)13th Avenue (Black Horse Pik to St. Marks Drive)200000Completed20000220000
6)Kearsley Road (St. Moritz Drive to Wesley Drive)180000Completed18000198000
7)Cherrywood Phase 10 (Lawncrest Lane & Winding Way)3500004200035000427000
8)Monticello Drive Weep Hole Retro Fit550006600550067100
9)Health & Fitness Trail975009000106500
10)Peter Cheeseman Road (Garwood to Hickstown Road)4850048500
11)Orr Road (Sicklerville to College Drive)7610076100
12)Kelly Driver Road (Phase 4) Hobart Drive to Blackwood-Clem Rd3500035000
13)Price Avenue (Station Avenue to Lake Avenue)1220012200
14)Randy Road (Albert Road to End)86008600
15)Miscellaneous Asphalt Projects120000120000
C.Drainage Improvements
1)Miscellaneous Drainage Projects120000120000
1)Replacement Playground - 7th Avenue Glendora180000180000
2)Replacement Playground - Mulberry Station175000175000
3)Replacement Playground - Sturbridge Oaks213000213000
4)Pickleball Courts including parking at GTCP200000
5)BMX Track150000
6)Indoor Batting7000070000
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting
1)Street Lights5000050000
2)Traffic Lights100000100000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements
1)Building Improvements200000200000
2)(Phase #2) PD Shingles - metal100000100000
3)Replace old cameras at PD1500015000
4)Musco-Relamp Glen Oaks Baseball Field70007000
5)Hall Roof - new2500025000
6)Lakeland Baseball - heat building1000010000
7)Building LED - relamp5000050000
8)Public Works Generator - (Phase #2)100000100000
9)New Gas Tanks - (Phase 2)100000100000
10)HVAC - (Tavern) - new boiler/units2500025000
11)Tavern - outside of building (paint)2500025000
12)Old Public Works Garage - (Renovations)150000150000
13)High Reach (Scissor Lift)2000020000
14)Gun Range - finish floors/classroom, meeting room, hallways2000020000
15)Kiwanis - redo shed walls and roof - paint1500015000
16)Randy Road - Building - redo inside and out3000030000
17)Electric gate P.W.80008000
18)Outlets - replace poles that are missing7500075000
19)P.A.P - replace all parking lot poles - broken lenses (LED) missing hand holders2500025000
G.Public Works Streets Equipment & Vehicles
1)25 Yard Leaf Machine125300125300
2)8 Yard Sweeper Truck285000285000
3)Vacall Jetter Truck530000530000
4)MUA Recycling Truck340000340000
5)Drill Press Mill for Garage75007500
6)Cargo Van for Building Maintenance3500035000
7)5 Leaf Machine Housings3900039000
8)Heavy Truck Jack Stands80008000
9)PW Radios3000030000
H.Miscellaneous Improvements
1)Purchase of Land150000150000
2)Downtown Blackwood Revitalization150000150000
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance
1)Trench Digger Attachments55005500
2)One (1) Mower 72"1900019000
3)Misc. Fence Projects5000050000
4)Parking Lots Community Park100000100000
5)Asphalt Parking Lot Catalina Hills Ballfield1500015000
6)(12) Memorial Benches w/ concrete pads and tras/recycling cans various parks4000040000
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment
1)VOIP Phone System93000
3)Various Computer Equipment45000
4)Desk and various furniture1500015000
K.Police Department Equipment
1)SRT - Tactical Robot Replacement5500055000
2)Next Gen 991 upgrades payment6400064000
Year 5 of 5 (319,000 total)0
3)Wireless communication radio system upgrade329400329400
1 time payment0
4) Axon BWC Payment Year 2 of 5289122289122
5)Patrol Vehicle Replacement370000370000
6)Equipment for 10 Ford Explorers188000188000
7)3SSV Replacement State Contracts111000111000
8)Equipment for 3 SSV Cars2000020000
9)Police Vehicle MDT (10 Total)3900039000
10)Painting of DVD Explorere1200012000
11)eTicket Printers1600016000
12)Desktop Workstation Replacement (15 Computers)2900029000
13)Computer Switches for HQ range and interlante1000010000
14)CSI Upgrade2000020000
15)VMS Board Replacement1850018500
16)TSB - ATS Speed Signs (5)1856618566
17)Police Bicycles (2)40004000
A.Sidewalks and/or Curbs1580000158000
B.Street Improvements21725002290002045002606000
C.Drainage Improvements120000120000
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting15000000150000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements9900000990000
G.Public Works - Streets Equipment & Vehicles139980001399800
H.Miscellaneous Improvements3000000300000
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance229500229500
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment18300000183000
K.Police department Equipment159358801593588
Total Project Cost8717888
Legal & Accounting (2%)153850.6
Interest (3.5%)269238.55
(Less) NJEIT Projects-1000000
(Less) Capital Improvement Fund-338839.01
Grand Total6776780.14
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