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Shaylynn Lattie has been a resident of Gloucester Township since July 2015. She and her family enjoy the easy-going, family environment that GT provides.

Shaylynn is running for council because though she believes GT is a great place to live, she would like to see improvements in the current policies and practices of GT. She hopes to bring to council a fresh objective outlook to the operations of council. She hopes to be transparent and open to feedback from the residents of the township about issues that matter to them. She will not vote in favor of bills or policies that she does not support in an effort to gain popularity within the current political climate of  GT. 

Shaylynn is coming to GT with experience in Risk Management, program development, quality assurance, internal auditing, and grant writing. She has training experience that has helped her to develop a keen sensitivity to the many complex issues, which confront stakeholders daily.  Shaylynn brings an upbeat and positive attitude to any group dynamic and is proficient in fostering a strong team environment. Restoring GT will take a team effort and she is committed to ensuring that the residents of GT are a part of the team that brings about much-needed change.

Patch Candidate Profile 

Your Name

Shaylynn Lattie

Age (as of Election Day) 


Town of Residence


Position sought

City Council

Party Affiliation



Shaquille Lattie Sr (Spouse) Shaquille Lattie Jr. (Son)

Does anyone in your family work in politics or government? 



M.S. Administration of Human Services


Residential Program Director in acute behavioral health 3 years

Previous or Current Elected or Appointed Office


Why are you seeking elective office?

Though I believe GT is a great place to live, I would like to see improvements in it’s current policies and practices. I believe that the township could be more fiscally responsible and operate more efficiently with proper guidance and support. If you haven’t had a chance to, please visit and check out the 2021 Citizens Budget.

The single most pressing issue facing our (board, district, etc.) is _______, and this is what I intend to do about it. 

The single most pressing issue facing our township is a lack of transparency, and I intend to partner with Sam Sweet (Candidate for Mayor), Joe Allen (Candidate for City Council), Dawn Sabella (Candidate for City Council) and existing members of council to improve this by: Ensuring that all council meetings are telecasted live so that all members of our community can participate. Forming a financial analysis committee to seek more efficient ways to govern. Allowing residents to voice their opinions during meetings without interruption (time permitting). Providing answers to the questions being asked, with information that is readily available. If the information is not available at the time of the meeting, I would table the question until fact finding is completed and report out on the findings.

What are the critical differences between you and the other candidates seeking this post? 

The critical difference between me and the other candidates seeking this post is that I am not a politician, I am a concerned resident who would like to raise her family in a sustainable environment for years to come.

If you are a challenger, in what way has the current board or officeholder failed the community (or district or constituency)?

The current administration has failed the community by over borrowing funds and not stabilizing taxes for its residents.

Describe the other issues that define your campaign platform.

Our campaign is defined by transparency, we will not hide from you. We will be present and we will examine all available information to make informed decisions. We will not vote in private because your opinions matter to us. It’s going to take teamwork to Restore GT!

What accomplishments in your past would you cite as evidence you can handle this job?

My current position requires me to make hard decisions everyday to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the individuals in my care. I am responsible for the fiscal management of my program and ensure that all controllable expenses are managed while actively ensure a strong stream of revenue. I know how to ask the right questions, to get the right answers and I do not rest until I see improvements. I believe in teamwork and in uniting groups of people around a shared mission. The mission here is clear, we must Restore GT, but not at an additional cost to the tax payers!

The best advice ever shared with me was:

If you do right by people then you have done enough.

What else would you like voters to know about yourself and your positions?

Your opinions about the current state of GT matter to me. I am open to hearing from you and I cannot wait to see you all at our parks and local eateries soon. To learn more about our campaign please visit us at

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