Tonight we have the final reading of the 2022 Capital Budget. This year’s Capital Improvements are so far coming in at $9,207,922.00 which is considerably more than last year’s $7,300,000.00. Here is the breakdown for this years capital budget. It does appear we are planning on borrowing this money. There also doesn’t appear to be any mention of using the $6.8 Million that GT received in COVID relief money that can be used for Infrastructure.

 ProjectConstruction/AcquisitionEngineering DesignEngineering InspectionTotal Cost 
A.Sidewalks and/or Curb Projects
1)Miscellanceous Curbs & Sidewalks158000158000
B.Street Improvements
1)5th Ave (Black Horse Pike sto Floodgate Road)515000Completed51500566500
2)Peter Cheeseman Road (Fox Meadow to Garwood)225000Completed22500247500
3)Highland Avenue (Line Street to morgan Street)130000Completed13000143000
4)South Otterbranch Drive (and courts) (including eastwood)300000Completed30000330000
5)13th Avenue (Black Horse Pik to St. Marks Drive)200000Completed20000220000
6)Kearsley Road (St. Moritz Drive to Wesley Drive)180000Completed18000198000
7)Cherrywood Phase 10 (Lawncrest Lane & Winding Way)3500004200035000427000
8)Monticello Drive Weep Hole Retro Fit550006600550067100
9)Health & Fitness Trail975009000106500
10)Peter Cheeseman Road (Garwood to Hickstown Road)4850048500
11)Orr Road (Sicklerville to College Drive)7610076100
12)Kelly Driver Road (Phase 4) Hobart Drive to Blackwood-Clem Rd3500035000
13)Price Avenue (Station Avenue to Lake Avenue)1220012200
14)Randy Road (Albert Road to End)86008600
15)Miscellaneous Asphalt Projects120000120000
C.Drainage Improvements
1)Miscellaneous Drainage Projects120000120000
1)Replacement Playground - 7th Avenue Glendora180000180000
2)Replacement Playground - Mulberry Station175000175000
3)Replacement Playground - Sturbridge Oaks213000213000
4)Pickleball Courts including parking at GTCP200000
5)BMX Track150000
6)Indoor Batting7000070000
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting
1)Street Lights5000050000
2)Traffic Lights100000100000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements
1)Building Improvements200000200000
2)(Phase #2) PD Shingles - metal100000100000
3)Replace old cameras at PD1500015000
4)Musco-Relamp Glen Oaks Baseball Field70007000
5)Hall Roof - new2500025000
6)Lakeland Baseball - heat building1000010000
7)Building LED - relamp5000050000
8)Public Works Generator - (Phase #2)100000100000
9)New Gas Tanks - (Phase 2)100000100000
10)HVAC - (Tavern) - new boiler/units2500025000
11)Tavern - outside of building (paint)2500025000
12)Old Public Works Garage - (Renovations)150000150000
13)High Reach (Scissor Lift)2000020000
14)Gun Range - finish floors/classroom, meeting room, hallways2000020000
15)Kiwanis - redo shed walls and roof - paint1500015000
16)Randy Road - Building - redo inside and out3000030000
17)Electric gate P.W.80008000
18)Outlets - replace poles that are missing7500075000
19)P.A.P - replace all parking lot poles - broken lenses (LED) missing hand holders2500025000
G.Public Works Streets Equipment & Vehicles
1)25 Yard Leaf Machine125300125300
2)8 Yard Sweeper Truck285000285000
3)Vacall Jetter Truck530000530000
4)MUA Recycling Truck340000340000
5)Drill Press Mill for Garage75007500
6)Cargo Van for Building Maintenance3500035000
7)5 Leaf Machine Housings3900039000
8)Heavy Truck Jack Stands80008000
9)PW Radios3000030000
H.Miscellaneous Improvements
1)Purchase of Land150000150000
2)Downtown Blackwood Revitalization150000150000
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance
1)Trench Digger Attachments55005500
2)One (1) Mower 72"1900019000
3)Misc. Fence Projects5000050000
4)Parking Lots Community Park100000100000
5)Asphalt Parking Lot Catalina Hills Ballfield1500015000
6)(12) Memorial Benches w/ concrete pads and tras/recycling cans various parks4000040000
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment
1)VOIP Phone System93000
3)Various Computer Equipment45000
4)Desk and various furniture1500015000
K.Police Department Equipment
1)SRT - Tactical Robot Replacement5500055000
2)Next Gen 991 upgrades payment6400064000
Year 5 of 5 (319,000 total)0
3)Wireless communication radio system upgrade329400329400
1 time payment0
4) Axon BWC Payment Year 2 of 5289122289122
5)Patrol Vehicle Replacement370000370000
6)Equipment for 10 Ford Explorers188000188000
7)3SSV Replacement State Contracts111000111000
8)Equipment for 3 SSV Cars2000020000
9)Police Vehicle MDT (10 Total)3900039000
10)Painting of DVD Explorere1200012000
11)eTicket Printers1600016000
12)Desktop Workstation Replacement (15 Computers)2900029000
13)Computer Switches for HQ range and interlante1000010000
14)CSI Upgrade2000020000
15)VMS Board Replacement1850018500
16)TSB - ATS Speed Signs (5)1856618566
17)Police Bicycles (2)40004000
A.Sidewalks and/or Curbs1580000158000
B.Street Improvements21725002290002045002606000
C.Drainage Improvements120000120000
E.Traffic Signals & Street Lighting15000000150000
F.Public Works - Building Improvements9900000990000
G.Public Works - Streets Equipment & Vehicles139980001399800
H.Miscellaneous Improvements3000000300000
I.Parks & Recreation Maintenance229500229500
J.Miscellaneous Office Equipment18300000183000
K.Police department Equipment159358801593588
Total Project Cost8717888
Legal & Accounting (2%)153850.6
Interest (3.5%)269238.55
(Less) NJEIT Projects-1000000
(Less) Capital Improvement Fund-338839.01
Grand Total6776780.14

Join us tonight

Come out and join some of the Restore GT Team as well as members of our Republican Club tonight for the reading. Afterwards the Republican Club will be doing a debrief at Skeeters to discuss. We hope you will join us.

Gloucester Township Municipal Building 1261 Chews Landing Rd, Laurel Springs

Watch Live:

You can download the current Council Meeting agenda HERE

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