It’s been a while since we last reported on Council Woman Stubbs’ attendance so we figured we’d provide an update.

Council Woman Stubbs has missed 25 (62%) of the last 40 meetings.

How’s 38% attendance for representation?

Let’s think about this in a different way perhaps.   Maybe Ms. Stubbs is so fed up with the way things are handled that she refuses to come back and be a part of all of it?
July 25th - Absent
July 11th - Present
June 27th - Absent
June 13th - Absent
May 28th - Present
May 9th - Late
April 25th - Absent
April 11th - Present
Mach 28th - Absent
March 14th - Absent
February 28th - Absent
February 14th - Present
January 24th - Absent
January 10th - Absent
January 3rd - Absent
December 29th - Present
December 13th - Absent
December 8th - Absent
November 22nd - Absent
October 25th - Absent
October 13th - Absent
September 27th - Absent
September 13th - Absent
August 23 - Absent
August 9th - Present
July 26th - Absent
July 12th - Present
June 28th - Absent
June 14th - Present
May 24th - Present
May 10th - Absent
April 26th - Present
April 12th - Present
March 22nd - Absent
March 8th - Absent
February 22nd - Present
February 8th - Absent
January 25th - Present

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