I watched last night’s council meeting and when roll was called I noticed Ms. Stubbs was not present.  It struck me that perhaps I’ve attended more council meetings over the last year than paid council woman Andrea Stubbs.  I also remembered back when Dawn Sabella questioned Ms. Stubbs attendance and well-being back on November 22nd.

I thought maybe I’d bring this up as a topic, but to be sure I watched roll call for every meeting in the last 365 days.  In the last 26 meetings, Andrea Stubbs only attended 8 meetings.  It was asked in last night’s meeting if members who miss meetings are paid and the answer is yes.  This isn’t about the “Free Money” though.  We all know council members don’t get paid a ton of money to show up.  The concern here is the empty chair that fails to represent us.  

Maybe she has a good reason?

Everyone comes across hard times.  I know in the last year I’ve blown out my ankle twice and fought off COVID twice in 2021.   The thing is, I’m not an elected official.  I’m not voted in and paid to represent the people of Gloucester Township.  At some point, had I not been able to drag myself into our meetings I would have had to make the decision to step aside so that some one else could represent GT for me.   I would have done that out of respect for the the position and the respect I have for the voters.   Andrea Stubbs was voted in and is paid to represent Gloucester Township voters.   I don’t know about you, but if I showed up 1/3rd of the time to work I’d have no job.

 To me it just seems selfish to stay on while someone else could better fill that spot.  What if all council members decided to stop coming on a regular basis?

Maybe council will remove her?

Not likely.  Ms. Stubbs is “A part of the team” and votes accordingly.  It was also stated by Council President, Orlando Mercado that Ms. Stubbs was voted in and will not be removed.

These are images from each meeting representing Ms. Stubb’s attendance.   All council recordings are on our page if you’d like to check for yourself.

January 24th - Absent
January 10th - Absent
January 3rd - Absent
December 29th - Present
December 13th - Absent
December 8th - Absent
November 22nd - Absent
October 25th - Absent
October 13th - Absent
September 27th - Absent
September 13th - Absent
August 23 - Absent
August 9th - Present
July 26th - Absent
July 12th - Present
June 28th - Absent
June 14th - Present
May 24th - Present
May 10th - Absent
April 26th - Present
April 12th - Present
March 22nd - Absent
March 8th - Absent
February 22nd - Present
February 8th - Absent
January 25th - Present

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