How well do you know who’s running GT?


If you are not “In the club”, you probably have no idea how intertwined the elites are that run our town. I thought most people will find this topic interesting.

Hopefully, they will also find it extremely alarming.

We do have an important election coming up in November. Mail-in ballots will be in people’s hands next week. Because of this, it’s probably an appropriate time to connect some dots for the voters. Maybe they will get out and vote this year.

You can draw your own conclusion as to your thoughts on the nepotism in Gloucester Township. I’m not telling you what to think or how to vote. My hope is that you will find this information helpful in making your own informed decision.

Over the next couple weeks, I will be releasing a different sector or our local government. Going over a who’s who. Many of these names you will see on different boards and mentioned multiple times.

Let’s start with the Board of Education. A (supposed to be) non-political, non-paid, elected position. Gloucester Township has Two BoE’s. The Blackhorse Pike Regional and Gloucester Township. When people complain about their property taxes, many don’t even realize THIS is where they should be paying attention. The School’s budget is twice that of the township. For every $1 in property taxes you pay, $0.42 goes to the School’s budget. This is why it is so important for our elite class to remain in power here. It has nothing to do with our children. It has everything to do with making sure they can award contracts to their political donors. This is also why even those without children in the school system need to pay attention.

First, we will start with the BHPRSD. If you click the image, it will open a .pdf file where you can get a better view.


Take note

These charts are in no way the full story. The first two charts above are the Blackhorse Pike Regional. The next two below are for GT. The nepotism outlined is just what is fairly common knowledge. If you have any additional information, I would ask for you to either leave a comment down below, or message the website with any information. Rest assured, your name will not be used.

The charts have a key denoting what the color of the name block indicates. You will see the color blue very often. Another common denominator is being on the Camden County Democrat Committee.

Another point is that vacancies are filled by a board vote after interviewing individuals that applied. This process has proven to be interesting. These vacant seats are filled with people not elected by us residents. Most appointees, as the charts will show you, have been family members of the elites, members of the Democrat Committee or employees of the pay-to-play contributors.

Links from the images:
Michael Eckmeyer sexual harassment
Parents call for Michael Eckmeyer’s resignation
Kevin Bucceroni signing petitions of phantom candidates used to intentionally clutter the ballot.

Gloucester Township Board of Education

Let’s move on over to the GTBoE. Again, clicking the image below will pull up a .pdf for larger viewing.


Camden County Democrat committee members, employees of pay-to-play political donors, neighbors of the Mayor and a former campaign Chair of David Mayer Mayor make up the majority (6 out of 9) of the current GT BoE.

What can be done?

Not sure you like the level of nepotism going on in GT? Have you had enough of an Elite Class running your town? Residents can get out and vote. The charts that are going to follow this post may have you thinking there is no way anything you can do can help make a difference. This is not true. Change has to start somewhere. This election cycle is an important one. Your educated vote is important.

Each School District has three open seats. We have candidates running for positions because they want to see the tax dollars make it to the classroom and not to the pockets of the pay-to-play donors. These candidates are spending their own money, not taking funds from a Political Action Committee (PAC). They do not owe someone else for funding their campaign.

There are also incumbents (already in office) running under their Slogan “Building Brighter Futures”. In the past, their campaigns were funded by politically backed money. They did not fund their own campaigns. Personally, I’m not sure who’s futures they are referring to brightening. However, I have a feeling it is not that of the teachers and students. We will have to wait for the flyers to come out to see which funds are being used in this election.

Do your research. Research the candidates and find out how their campaigns are funded. Read the article about Mr Buccaroni and Phantom Candidates. It highlights a documented game they play to remain in power.

The non-incumbent choice

The ticket for the K-8 GT BOE called “Principled Resolutions” has three candidates who are involved and attend meetings pressing for accountability. They are Dolores Abbonizio, Keith Gibbons and Jennifer Zuck. Linda Gilch is running under the slogan “Experienced, Integrity, Independent”. She also attends BoE meetings and has been a voice of the public seeking accountability. These candidates are funding their own campaigns. If elected, they will not be indebted to anyone like the “Building Better Future” candidates currently ARE.

Stay tuned for more nepotism charts to follow. Although this installment is coming to an end, we are just getting started!

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