Have you ever found yourself in a situation you thought was just normal, only to realize you better bail? It could be a complete coincidence, but it sounds like Elliot Wilson and Scott Marks had this happen. Last week I laid out an undisputable fact pattern surrounding the GTHA. Today on the council’s agenda for Monday, it appears there are 2 resignations. An appointment for an unexpired term means there was a resignation. Two unexpired terms are being filled on 4/12/21. Commissioner Scott Marks and Commissioner (Matt) Elliot Wilson both appear to have resigned.

Troy MacPherson to the Rescue

Who better to make decisions for the Housing Authority than a 24 to 26yr old. No idea how old he is, but he graduated High School in 2014. Not saying someone young couldn’t do the job, but on short notice, he is the most qualified person for the job? Or is it less about qualifications?

It’s actually a pretty smart move on Mayor Mayer’s part. Get someone that knows next to nothing in there. Someone that it’s going to take a while for them to figure the game out. That or… could Troy Possibly be related in some way to Andrea (Alfano) MacPherson who chairs the GT Planning board?

It couldn’t be that simple, could it? It would make some sense though. Many people’s kids follow in their foot steps. I could totally see a parent offering their kid up for an appointed position as a first step to really getting their beaks wet through the township corruption. Besides being the Chair of the Planning Board in GT we know Mrs MacPherson’s maiden name is Alfano.

We also know that the Alfano’s own (at least) one building that rents to a Porn Shop in Philadelphia. We know this in part because the Porn Shop’s address was used to register the campaign domain for Board of Education candidate Brian Reagan. A very short time after being sworn in, Reagan resigned because of a scandal revealing he did not live in the township. This is not the only time the Porn Shop has been involved in a political scandal. And what a coincidence that this Porn shop happens to be owned by the husband of the township’s communication director, Regina Caristo. Small world, isn’t it?

Elizabeth Hunt, MPA

The other resignation brings us to Elizabeth Hunt of Blackwood. With a Masters in Public Administration, I feel less uncomfortable about her appointment. I also don’t know much more about Elizabeth. The sad part of the reality though, is the nepotism and poor decision making from this administration has to leave you wondering. I’m not going to hold up the article to dig more into either of these appointments. However the citizens will keep digging.

Elizabeth Hunt, MPA

Here comes a 7-0 Vote

I have warned Carolyn Grace about the apparent shell game. I have pleaded with her to ask questions. To not just vote Yes because that’s what you are “supposed to do” as someone appointed by the Mayor to get his agenda through. Stop and think about the people of this community. Everything you vote on impacts every one of us, every day.

I am pleading with every member of the council. Ask questions on Monday about these appointments. Ask questions about the Affordable Housing Trust Fund that these kids are getting themselves in the middle of now. Are you worried because President Mercado might use his famous line of being cognizant of everyone’s time? Let me tell you that everyone up there should not worry about getting out of the meeting a few minutes later when there are topics this important out there. You should be ready to fight all day and night for us and for what is right.

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