Mayor – Sam Sweet

My name is Sam Sweet, and I will be running for Mayor in this year’s General Election.   I have been a Gloucester Township resident for the past 17 years, living in the historic Erial section.  My wife, Tricia, has also been a resident for over 35 years and has been teaching in Gloucester Township for over 20 years. We have two children currently attending Gloucester Township Public Schools.

I have coached both of my children’s HYSC soccer teams and currently coach in Erial Little League T-Shirt Division.  I also have umpired in various little league and district games throughout Gloucester Township and Camden County.

Everyone is asking why I have decided to run. My father always told me that if you think that you can do something better, then go out and do it.  If you are not willing to do something about it, then stop talking and go about your day.

So how would I go about making things in Gloucester Township better? Our team has been working on developing a plan for Gloucester Township over the last year.  I encourage you to check out our Platform Page for more detail.

It is true that I have never held any type of public office however, I have been a tax accountant for the past 24 years.  I’ve also been a business owner for the past 12 years.  As a tax accountant, my primary responsibility is to plan and budget to minimize a client’s tax liability.  I have also been trained to “think outside the box.”   Part of that training includes forensic accounting, which is finding where the money went and how it was spent.  Management and accountability are what I will bring to Gloucester Township as Mayor if I am elected.

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