Running as an Independent group of candidates is interesting to say the least.  For hard core Democrats and Republicans, we will never quite be as extreme as they would like us to be.   For some it is simply the check box you chose when you registered to vote that discredits you.  Some of our challengers have called us unicorns and  told us we’d just be in the way.  We were here first though…

How do I win them over?

Can I win them over?  Do I even want to try to win them over?  I don’t think so.  I am 45 years old and I know where I stand on the issues and how to be responsible.  I am not going to change any of that to fit into one political party.  Plus, it’s not genuine to switch to something you are not to get elected.  I think we know a few people who ran on “Lowering Taxes” and their stance today.  Sam, Dawn, Shaylynn and I are free from taking orders from some political committee that financed our campaigns.  

What kind of voter votes for the independent?

I used to think it was the weridos that voted for independent candidates.  My independent & libertarian party friends stuck their noses up at every mainstream candidate that showed on every ballot.  They always used to talk about voting for your principles and not for your party.  That sounds good on paper but why constantly vote for the person who’s sure to lose every major election?  For me it’s about sending a message to the two parties who always spend the most money and give us less than great candidates.  Those parties aren’t’ hurting over missing my 1 vote, but if every frustrated voter did the same, they sure as heck would notice.  So to answer the question I asked above, it’s the educated and frustrated voter that votes independent.

As independent candidates do we stand a chance?

The voter registration numbers for 2021 say we stand a great chance!  This year Gloucester Township has 23,000 Democrats, 9,000 Republicans and 19,000 unaffiliated voters registered.  On top of those great numbers, people know us. We have reminded you throughout 2020 and again in 2021 who we are and what are intentions have been.  Beyond even knowing about Restore GT, many of you have followed Sam Sweet for years.  For the rest of the Restore GT candidates that you don’t know, you can reach out or check out the Patch articles that will profile each one of us.

Should we step aside and let the two big parties battle it out?

No way!   Even if we can’t win over one single Republican our numbers are still better. Our name recognition is also better, and we have a more detailed platform.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking anything away from the Republican candidates.  I’ve met a few of them and their intentions are good.  In two years if any of them decided to run independently I would help their campaign in any way that I could.  I just can’t sit back and and depend on anyone else anymore.

One last thing.

With no campaign manager, event coordinators and party backing we are doing this on your own.  Please share our website, Facebook, & Twitter with everyone you know in GT and if you can, please DONATE to to our campaign.

Thank you to everyone that has been with us for so long, who’s spread the word and who’s donated.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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